melinda gates

Melinda Gates

Americans are a unique breed of species who came to conquer the denizens of this planet some five or six hundred years ago.  Conquerors are mostly abhorred, but the American invasion was so wild that we didn’t know what hit us.  We didn’t know whether to hate them or love them. They came with their hamburgers and we loved it. They came with their Mustangs and we loved it. They came with their movies and we all wanted to marry Marilyn Monroe. Then they gave us Elvis Presley; are you kidding me, every young man in Africa emulated the Elvis gyration.

The parts I love about them are their unmitigated courage and compassion, traits that are abundantly exercised everywhere by all Americans. You may think I am merely reminiscing acts of valor and generosity that had happened in the 50s or 60s.

No, no, no!

Forget that.

Just yesterday ( I mean months ago), Melinda Gates, the richest woman on earth, was down in Malawi carrying a jug full of water, along with the destitute Malawi women who do this everyday for a living. It’s not that Melinda hadn’t supported these people or that this was a media stunt and a clamor for attention. No sir; Melinda was sending a message to the world, asking for all humanity to bond together to ameliorate the abject poverty from our planet.

To eliminate hunger, to do away with wars, all these require a collective effort.

That’s America for you, America with the heart of gold!

And Melinda Gates is an American!

Many people think America is all about the sky scrapper buildings, the big cars and the big malls. How about that young woman, Ella Watson-Stryker, who is working in an Ebola stricken Liberia, and the doctor, Kent Brantly, both risking their lives to save others?

They are Americans.

Thank you Melinda!

You are truly an American!

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